Testing & Compliance

Eminent Erection offers total service/testing solution forall class of switchgear like on-site testing, calibration, repair, and reconditioning and retrofitting etc. cause every manufactures of switchgear components have a limited warranty.

Our objective is to amplify the life of your electrical switchgear components and ensure its’ safety status. These service/testing increment the unwavering quality, consistency and precision of your switchgear, and offer critical focal points over the buy of modern hardware, such as modern hardware at a lower taken a toll, less down time due to shorter lead time and speedier establishment, with no retraining required.

We work with control circuit breakers from 480 volt lesson through 38 kV. This incorporates low voltage metal frame breakers, low voltage switches, medium voltage switches, protective relays, and medium voltage air magnetic circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers and motor starter contactors.