HV/LV Oil immersed Distribution Transformer Frequency 50Hz, IEC standard 100KVA – 3150KVA Ground or Pole Mounted



CORE:In order to achieve better reduced losses and noise, transformer core is mitered cut from the highest quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel (CRGO).
WINDINGS:The HT and LT windings designed in accordance with the temperature rises, insulation and impulse voltage levels, overload conditions, short circuit stresses which are issued in international manufacturing standards
INSULATION:Maintain high insulation level of class F as per IEC at the dielectric circuit of transformer which isolate the magnetic and electric circuit and their parts.
TANK:Design and construction process of the tank is completed with mild-steel along with oil conservator, radiators and other features to form a complete unit having sufficient strength during heat dispatch under load condition.
COPPER:Due to Copper’s inherent high conductivity, ductility and strength, all Transformers are manufactured with pure electrolytic copper only.

All transformer comply with following specification:

  • Installation to be specified for Three-Phase transformer (indoor or Outdoor)
  • Step down type, (Step-up on request)
  • Mineral oil immersed
  • ONAN type natural Cooling
  • Standard anti corrosion surface treatment and coating
  • Cover Bolt on tank.

WARRANTY: We provide warranty against our product for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery which we get from our vendor that means currently we do not have the capacity of making transformer of our own. But we assure that we source our product from reputed manufacturer and we consult and prefer client choice before delivery. We will repair/replace the defected parts within shortest possible time at our cost. After expiry of the warranty period, repair/ maintenance of the equipment may be carried out for a nominal fee

Additional information

Product Feature

Quality assurance
Friendly to the environment
Cost Competitive
After sales service
Focus on engineering efficiency
Universal mounting facility


IEC 60076,BS-171,ANSI C57.12, VDE 0537

Routine Tests

Routine tests carried out on all transformer during manufacture. Each Transformer is issued with an official test certificate and oil test report.
* Insulation resistance test
* Frequency high voltage withstand test
* No Load Loss and No load current
* Load loss andimpedance test
* MV & HV winding resistance
* Voltage ratio and polarity
* Dielectric strength of oil

Basic Fittings

* 1 off-load tap changer with pad locking located on the cover
* 1 filling cap
* Oil Conservator
* 1 oil level gauge
* 3 HV porcelain Bushing
* 4 LV porcelain bushing
* 1 earthing terminal
* 4 lifting lugs
* 1 oil drainage valve
* 1 dial-type thermometer
* 1 rating plate to be fixed on the tank body covering our logo


* On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC)
* LV Connection Box
* Control and Protection Devices
* Gas Detector
* Low oil level Indicator
* Over pressure Contact
* Thermostat and Thermometer


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